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Anyone who engages in any form of artistic knows the problem: one is constantly looking for suitable opportunities to exhibit. And all too often one has to reset his artistic work and devote all energy to find galleries and exhibition opportunities to "market" his art. We of the "Inner Light Gallery" have taken this arduous journey too, have parcitipated on so-called "pop-up" exhibitions - and have paid dearly. Lousy locations, loveless presentation of the works of art, little to no advertising of the events, no public relations are the rule rather than the exception.

The art world has changed dramatically in recent years. In times of recession and cutbacks on culture, many artists are being taken away the possibility to even try and make a living of their art. For unestablished artists, opportunities to exhibit (and selling) are becoming very rare. At the same time, however, many new opportunities have become available through the worldwide electronic networking. "Virtual" galleries, Online exhibitions and Internet auctions are just a few. But this offers are limited to a very narrow circle of users. The art itself is (still) living through the "real" presentation of a work, through the environment, the light, the ability to take into something, to grasp, to comprehend. Exhibitions are an important (if not the most important) way to reach ones audience.

So we decided to creat such a place. A place dedicated to advancing the appreciation of photography and creating opportunities for artists to display and sell their work and further their careers as fine artist. One of our main goal is to get the artists connected to the collectors, to present their work to a broad range of national and international art collectors and buyers.

At the moment we are searching for the ideal premises to set up the gallery in Vienna, Austria

The opening is planned for Autumn 2017.

We invite artists to apply to exhibit their work at The Inner Light Gallery.

Send your exhibition proposal or your portfolio, along with a short bio/artist statement and list of previous exhibitions to info@innerlightgallery.org

We’d love to see a broad selection of works. Don’t be too strict on your selection; often we end up exhibiting different artworks than what the artist would have chosen. Keep some sort of structure in there, never send more than 30 different works. We select artists based on what we like. What we like is of course dependent amongst other things on whether the work is original, well-executed, well-developed, conveys an interesting thought and it depends on composition and composition of colours, etc. Basically, there is no way of telling, so just send in your work.

This is a "Work-In-Progress" - we are still in process to set up all necessary things, so please come back later or get in contact with us for further informations.
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